Bull Sale


We are a family-owned and operated farm who have been in the beef business since 1960 and of those 47 years, 40 of them have been in the Charolais business. Years of meticulously kept performance records, cow families and very strict culling have provided us with one of the most uniform, performance driven, maternally prime cow herds you'll find anywhere. We are not ranchers, we are cattlemen.

We feed a gentle TMR (total mixed ration) consisting of silage, chopped straw and oats/barley mix using a mixer wagon. Feeding a TMR guarantees that every mouthful the animal takes is the same. TMR rationed cattle are generally more protected from digestive upsets and imbalances leading to liver damage and ulcers with consequences of hard-doing bulls and often sudden death.

Our bulls are available for inspection at anytime before the sale. If you happen to be passing through, come have a look before sale day, we'll be happy to show you. We're happy to offer free board after the sale (bulls must be insured) and free delivery within Saskatchewan (at shared cost outside Saskatchewan). Be assured that when you come to buy a bull, you are getting first chance at all our bulls. No bulls are pre-sold. We do not sell bulls year-round.

Unless you live in a bubble, accidents happen. For this reason, we are pleased to offer our customers subsidized insurance on their purchases. An insurance representative will be on hand sale day to help you with your purchase. If you have a problem, question or concern, call us. We'll do what we can to help.

Sale day you can count on finding a warm, clean and comfortable sale barn and complimentary lunch. It's our pleasure to offer our hospitality to you. And finally . . . buy registered bulls! Whether you choose to buy from us or another breeder or even another breed, be certain to ask for your transferred paper. You don't peel the labels off soup cans when you put your groceries away so why would you breed cows with a bull that comes without history, data or information. It's your right as a consumer and our responsibility as seed-stock producers.